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All Your
E-Commerce Web-Store Needs is our
Virtual Try-on!

Let your customers try on your clothes and buy the right clothes!

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Try on Made EASY!

Transform the online apparel shopping experience for consumers, minimize returns and combat environment pollution due to returns.

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SnapTryAI Overview

Quick Intro!

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Simple Customer Usage

All customers need is to upload a picture and then experience the virtual try on on each cloth page. 

Integrates Easily with your Website.

Let your customers upload their picture once and then try on all your website clothes. Simple easy integration, fully supported by our technical team. 

Easy-to-Read Reports (Future Development)

Get insights on customer behaviour including different clothing type and variety, enabling you to better understand your customer preferences. 

Find the correct size (Future Development)

Provides your customers with the right size based on accurate body measurements from a simple image with our technology.

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Unlock the Power of Technology: Boost Online Shopping, Slash Returns!


Potential Customers

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Market Size

According to a report by Forrester, 30% of e-commerce apparels get returned and as per a survey by mckinsey, 70% of these returns are due to how a cloth looks on the consumer or the wrong fit.

There was $5.7 trillion in global e-commerce sales in 2022, $1.1 trillion for US in 2023. Around 21.5% of it are apparel sales. For every return e-commerce brand loses 66% of the value of the product.

This constitutes $238 billion dollars of loss to online apparel companies every year globally and $47 billion dollars in the US due to wrong size and appearance and a lot of pain for customers shopping apparel online.

With the Right Product, Everything Is Possible


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